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 All-Natural Fruits and Vegetables, High-quality Essential Oils, Healthy Living Products


We pride ourselves on the fact that our gardens are natural and chemical free. The locally-grown, year-round varieties are non-GMO and heirloom-only products.  Each delicious fruit and vegetable are nurtured from seed through harvest by all-natural processes.  


Great care is taken to ensure the best taste and texture is brought to market throughout the growing seasons.  Garden varieties can also be grown to customer tastes as requested.

Our customers are our top priority. We are dedicated to offering fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables and excellent service. We bring the products to you.


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The essential oils have been produced since 1993 and are the world’s most authentic and pure essential oils. They are grown and processed through the most technologically advanced Seed to Seal® methods in the market.  


These five methods (seed, cultivate, distill, test and seal) preserve the integrity and potency of the pure, powerful products, which are infused with life-changing benefits.   

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Produced for more than 80 years, it is the only global vitamin and mineral supplement brand to grow, harvest and process on their own certified organic farms.  


Key ingredients used in the products are extensively researched and formulated to provide a product that meets the nutritional needs of people on their way to optimal health and vitality.  If you have children, there are no artificial dyes or sweeteners.  The only seed-to-seal nutritional product line that features a 180-day money-back guarantee, no-hassle return policy.

Skincare and Makeup

One of the top 4 prestige brands, also one of four companies that manufacture their own products, and organic ingredients. The dermatologist-supervised testing does not use animals for ensuring highest-quality, providing a product line that works down to the cellular level. Features a 180-day money-back guarantee, no-hassle return policy.

Bath and Body Care:

Manufactured using sustainable practices - all products are free of sulfates, wheat and animal ingredients; are dermatologist tested and allergy free. Features a 180-day money-back guarantee, no-hassle return policy.

Home Products:

Almost 60 years of completely biodegradable, naturally derived ingredients, setting them apart from common products – allowing them to work and remain safe for the environment.   Used by the Atlanta Braves and other sports teams to rid clothing of blood, clay and grass stains, and no fillers to irritate skin.  Features a 180-day money-back guarantee, no-hassle return policy.

Other product lines available: 

Energy and Sports Nutrition, Hair Care, Weight Management, Cookware, Air and Water Treatment. 


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